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Aeron the Jackal Flat Color by twilightgod14 Aeron the Jackal Flat Color by twilightgod14
My OC character Aeron
Awesome Drawing (c) :iconkaythefoxgirl:
Character belongs to & is (c) :icontwilightgod14:


Age: 22
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Gender: Male (Straight)
Relationship Status: Single
Eye Color: Red, but varies as well
Favorite Food: Yes

Aeron the Jackal is definitely one of my more interesting OC characters, & I do use him in stories and RPs, & hopefully I can get some of my own artwork of him soon. I thank :iconkaythefoxgirl: very much for making this for me! Thanks a ton!!

 He often times stays in his mortal form because he can easily fit into society, and feel like he belongs. He is a bit of a loner, but likes company and a good conversation with others. He likes a good drink now and then, but he does tend to get a little drunk sometimes, and when he does, it is quite the spectacle, even if he ends up with a huge hangover in the morning. He enjoys a good variety of things to be nondescript, and he likes spending time with other people when he feels like it. He likes to put on a tough guy act, but he really is a sweet guy deep down, so no worries. He is a very caring individual, though he angers quickly and will do just about anything to protect those who matter to him.

He is a powerful fire demon, and his father, the Demon King, is sealed away inside his body for reasons only he knows, & along with his fire-based abilities he has plenty others as well. Sometimes, depending on the situation, he can make up some new or enhanced abilities on the fly, but it isn't too often he does that. Due to his being a hierarchy in the demon world, and his ability with the fire, it is only a little cliche that he be a bit quick to anger, but that's all part of his personality. Just don't be near him when he transforms into his Flame state, because in that form and anything past that, if you were the cause of him altering, you won't be standing around for too much longer.

Aeron is interested in having a relationship, but he doesn't consider it an immediate priority in his life. He thinks of it as "If it happens, so be it." Even though deep down he really yearns for one, & would love to be with someone for a very long time. Considering he doesn't age nearly as quickly from the time he turned 18, as well as having his Demon Prince, to-be-King, status, he is nearly immortal. He somewhat despises his own power though, because when he is angered enough he will lose control of it; in which case someone will have to step in & calm him down- most of the time it is a woman he is with.

Aeron, unlike a lot of my OCs, has another secret; and it has to do with his eye color, as well as his own personality. Most of the time he has the fire-red eyes, but there are times that will change. Sometimes his eyes will alter to blue, in which case he is like a little 10 year old child who wants to talk, play, & spend time with others. He is more shy and more sweet in that form, but that also makes him easier to upset, which is never a good thing to do. Then the Violet-colored eyes: Basically take the personality of the version of him with red eyes, and the version of him with blue eyes, and merge them together. That's more-so his TRUE personality, but he only uses it in certain cases, like special occasions and things along those lines.

He is, by far, one of my favorite OCs besides Arcada, among others. Hope you guys enjoy him!!
& please help out my friend's DA accounts! She is a great artist & an even better person!!

Goldenbloodlust48 :icongoldenbloodlust48:

Kaythefoxgirl :iconkaythefoxgirl:

RavenSongLullaby :iconravensonglullaby:
betterthanuraverage Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice love the eye color
twilightgod14 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. It'll change depending also~
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